F&O Intraday

We deal in F&O Intraday with 5-6 calls daily. (Minimum Capital requirement: 2Lac)

MCX Intraday

We provide 3-4 calls in MCX including Base Metals, NG & CrudeOil.(Min Capital requirement: 2Lac)

Options Positional

Options are basically a positional trade for 4-5 sessions holding.(Minimum Capital requirement: 2Lac)


Positional Futures

Positional futures will required extreme care with diversification and stock selection matters the most. (Minimum Capital requirement: 10 Lac)


We handle the account as well for clients while all trades are in customer's account in Futures only. (Minimum Capital requirement: 15 Lac)



For more questions, you may email us at MarketMonarch@gmail.com or whatsapp on 9818740820